Power of Attorney (for Ontario residents)
The law in each province is different. That is why, if you simply download a template Power of Attorney online, you can't be sure it will be legitimate in Ontario. For example, if a Power of Attorney is to be signed using video technology, Ontario law has very specific requirements about what it must say.

Also, Ontario law requires two standard Powers of Attorney - not one!

The first is for property and the second is for personal care.
We provide both in one document - for the price of one!

The steps for the
production and notarization of your Power of Attorney are very straightforward.

First, fill the simple, step-by-step form below, and make payment. For just
$65.99, we'll draft your Power of Attorney.

Second, book a notarization appointment at the very bottom of this page. You will be paired with a notary public. A separate notarial fee of $45 will apply.
In most cases, you'll be able to accomplish both the drafting and the notarization on the same day.
If you have completed and submitted the form above, you can now book your notarization appointment.

Click on the button below to book. The scheduler will open in a new tab on your browser.

You will be required to pick a date and time, and provide your name and email address for cross-referencing.

If given an option in the booking scheduler, be sure to select "Notary Public".

Do not sign the documents, which you will shortly receive, until you are in front of the notary public by video conference. Be sure to have an unrelated witness join you.

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